Who is Eligible for Medicare

Find Out Who is Eligible for Medicare?



When a person approaches the age of retirement, they start wondering if they have become eligible for Medicare. A lot of people do not know that they can become eligible for Medicare even before they reach 65 years of age. Medicare is Unites State’s biggest health insurance plan and it serves approximately 50 million disabled persons and senior citizens. The plan has been administered by the Federal Government through Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Well, eligibility depends on numerous ways on Social Security System. The basic Medicare cover is divided into 2 parts called Part A and Part B. In Part only hospital care is referred and in Part B outpatient care is referred.


Part A Medicare Coverage



You become eligible for Part A coverage of Medicare if you’re eligible for Social Security benefit payment. Actually, you apply for automatically for Part A coverage when you are applying for your Social Security benefit. You can be eligible for Part A Medicare plan even if you do not receive a Social Security payment; however for this you should have been employed for a specific amount of time in a position where deductions of Medicare were made from your paycheck. You can also buy Part A benefits if you’re not otherwise eligible to get them without any charge.

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Part B Medicare Coverage



The Part B Medicare coverage plan is for physicians, tests, lab work and the other outpatient services. You’re automatically eligible for Part B and enrolled in it automatically, if you’re enrolled in Part A coverage. You also have the option in declining Part B when you enroll in Part A. You can become eligible for Medicare even before 65 years of age. In order to become eligible you have to be disabled and should have also received the Social Security disability payments for a minimum of two year. Medicare enrollment is done in the local Social Security offices and you will also get answers to the eligibility question there. It is vital to understand all of the penalties and your options too. People who are declining coverage or delaying past age 65 are also subjected to a 10% penalty for each year they delay if they change their mind to seek coverage at a later point of time.



Criteria for Medicare Eligibility



Majority the of persons above 65 years of age and citizens who are permanent residents in the United States are most likely to be eligible for free Medicare insurance. You’ll be eligible at 65 or above it if you fall under the categories mentioned below:



• You are a recipient or eligible to become a recipient for the Social Security benefits.
• You are a recipient or eligible to become a recipient for the benefits of railroad retirement.
• Either your spouse or you have paid Medicare taxes while you working in government job.
• You’re a dependent parent of an individual who has paid Medicare taxes when they worked in a government job.



Consult with an Insurance Agent



It is a great idea to discuss your Medicare situation with an Insurance Agent as he will have all information about the eligibility; however more vital they will be able to guide you on the exclusions and gaps of Medicare. If your loved ones need a Medicare nurse for home visits you should call ahead of time. There are plenty of Supplemental Insurance forms available to reinforce the Medicare benefits, and these should be considered carefully as you are approaching the age of eligibility.

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